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Around The World Of Words

A Performance About Language

In the classic tradition of Mark Twain, Theo presents a talk on the language of language. With a podium and a piano!

This presentation will concern itself with the similarities and differences offered by the disciplines of literature, poetry and songwriting.

By Theo Czuk Humorist, Storyteller, Novelist, Poet, Songwriter
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Around The World Of Words


Theo Czuk, humorist, storyteller, novelist, poet and songwriter, explores the craft of writing from the mountaintops of poetry to the lush valleys of the novel and the many inroads that connect the two. Survey the province of the unique tongues spoken by the novel, poetry, and songwriting that makes these disciplines similar, yet, unique unto themselves.

Having explored the full breath of the elements of literature, poetry and songwriting, Theo is in a prime position to offer erudite insights into the unique conduit that each of these domains tender, exploring the idiosyncratic lexicon offered by these distinctive disciplines.

Theo’s novel, Heart-Scarred, was written symbiotically with his music (every chapter title in Theo’s novel is a song title from Theo’s musical portfolio). Theo augments his presentation with songs from his critically acclaimed CD, Too Many Shadow, incorporating music and poetry into the lecture.

The Presentation

A Review of the lecture, Around The World Of Words:

“Author and Songwriter Theo Czuk has created a unique work of art in Heart-Scarred, a novel, and an accompanying CD of original songs. In his “Around the World of Words” program, he walks through the creative process that brought this about, discussing some of the characters, settings, and musical influences. I highly recommend this inspiring and entertaining talk, framed by enjoyable, thought-provoking songs.”

— Bill Stanek, Mensa Annual Gathering, Louisville, July, 2015

The Novelist

A western romp, Heart-Scarred, Theo’s novel, won the prestigious 2014 LARAMIE Book Award for Best Literary Western.

Review of the novel, Heart-Scarred:

“I don’t tend to read westerns, but this one has great characters, psychological insights, a romance, and, of course, action packed adventure that makes Heart-Scarred appealing to readers of all kinds.

The protagonist, Rory Casso, is lonely and searching both within and without for a feeling of home. Bronwyn Mason is a strong and strong-hearted young woman who knew Rory when they were children. Juke Bauque, Rory’s partner in payroll deliveries to the wild west, is half African American and half Native American, with the soul of a poet.

When these three join up against the notorious Thompson gang, there are sparks of all kinds flying!

As Rory battles the onset of winter, the Thompson gang and his internal demons, the reader is taken on a ride of pure storytelling excitement.”

— Jill Beauchamp, Horizon Books

The Songwriter

Critically acclaimed, Theo’s CD, Too Many Shadows was nominated CD of the Year by Indie Music Digest.

Reviews of the CD, Too Many Shadows:

INDIE MUSIC DIGEST exclaims, “Theo brings the Mojo” and nominated TOO MANY SHADOWS for CD of the Year and added, “The music is highly original, extremely melodic with amazing writing and playing from all involved.” — Cyrus Rhodes

MUSIC EMISSIONS shares, “Vocals from Czuk are stellar! … here Czuk is most brilliant as he totally lets loose behind the mic. He’s clearly a master at delivering vocal emotion.” — J.J. Cooper

ROCK n’ ROLL REVIEW wrote, “Theo has … an easy going element of street-wise wisdom … an impressive “under the radar” artist definitely worth checking out as his soulful sound and unique perspective on life can be appreciated by virtually any music fan.” — Kimberly Munson

INDIE SHARK summed it, “His voice has an amazing feel and a strong and infectious likeability factor. Czuk will please a wide range of musical personalities … one walks away feeling that Theo Czuk is really something special.” — Rupert Jackson

SKOPE MAGAZINE offered, “It twists and turns the way great albums should … the album just flows so well … the songs, the musicianship, the production, and the performance all knit together beautifully-even brilliantly.” — Michelle Paris

VENTS MAGAZINE concluded, “Vocals by Czuk are, shall I say saucy, as he commands a powerful tonal registry.” and concluded, “This CD by Theo Czuk has no serious weaknesses and is … a compelling, truthful life’s journey through the eyes of a brilliant composer.” — Sydney Larson

INDIE ARTIST ALLIANCE has glowed, “Theo…can deliver music that will make your jaw hit the floor while plucking your heart strings at the same time. He is the quintessential storyteller the world needs right now.” — Pierce Craven

The Bio

Theo Czuk at the pianoA multi-media author, Theo Czuk has garnered critical accolades as a songwriter, a jazz musician, a lecturer, a poet and, now, a novelist. Theo’s anthology includes a novel, two books of poetry and three CD’s.

Theo has served time as a counselor, a canoe guide, a band director, a social worker, a sculptor, a teacher, a truck driver, a composer, a pauper a poet a pawn and a king (well, not so much the king).

Reared on the hard-scrabble back streets of Detroit, Theo has settled in Oregon and spends his time mulling the green of the great Northwest with his wife, Pi, and their pup, Paisley.